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What I Do

Tarot has been the most valuable tool of growth I've had the privilege of meeting. This is how I use it in my work:



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Please note: I no longer do one-to-one readings.

My Background & Training

  • MA in Jungian and Post-Jungian Studies [in progress]
  • BA in English and Psychology with an Honours degree in English
  • Consciousness Integration Coaching
  • Death and bereavement counsellor training
  • Certification in psychodynamic counselling skills
  • Certification in Somatic Sexology
  • Extensive personal work and CPD focussed on psychodynamic principles


I've been an award-winning copywriter in advertising and digital media; I have been a website interface designer. I was involved in marketing in the Human Performance Improvement industry. I was a trainee psychotherapist. I now work with Tarot.


All of these things may seem diverse, but they have a common thread that unites them all: I have a strongly developed and finely tuned ability to see underlying patterns, structures, motivations, emotional signatures, and hidden drives and desires that build a ‘shadow-print’ – the unspoken/unconscious that is seeking expression.