I came to tarot 12 years ago – or, rather, tarot came to me (as it always does). And it’s been a love affair ever since, complete with fascination and rapture, break-ups and make-ups, challenges and breakthroughs.

If tarot has taught me anything it is that it’s asked for my active participation in an alchemical process where my knowledge of it has unfolded with my own unfolding to myself.

Tarot has singularly been the most valuable tangible tool of growth that I have had the privilege of meeting.

My background and training: a BA in English and Psychology with an Honours degree in English. A certification in psychodynamic counselling skills. Death and bereavement counsellor training. Certification in Somatic Sexology. Consciousness Integration Coaching. Shadow work.

My family of birth has been my greatest teacher of all.

I have worked as an award-winning copywriter in advertising and digital media; I have been a website interface designer. I was involved in marketing in the Human Performance Improvement industry. I have been a trainee psychotherapist. I am a coach, counsellor – and a tarot reader.

All of these things may seem diverse, but they have a common thread that unites them all: I have a strongly developed and finely tuned ability to see underlying patterns, structures, motivations, emotional signatures, and hidden drives and desires that build a ‘shadow-print’ – the unspoken/unconscious that is seeking expression.

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