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From Potential Into Action: The Twos in Tarot

By Integrated Tarot | June 19, 2018

Today, we enter the world of the Twos, where potential is brought into the physical world that we inhabit.

[YouTube] June Video Tarot Forecast Teaser

By Integrated Tarot | June 9, 2018

Here’s a teaser from June’s Video Tarot Forecast: If you think you’d benefit from the full edition each month, click here to sign up. (It’s just $2 per month.) ~ Sarah

The Aces: Symbols of Initiation

By Integrated Tarot | June 8, 2018

Each Ace has a different quality, but they all share the same idea: that of initiation, as in ‘the beginning of everything’. Each represents the purest potential that its suit offers to us; each is a blueprint. Each heralds the arrival of a thought, a feeling, a creative spark, a new method.

Tarot is a Verb, Not a Noun

By Integrated Tarot | May 4, 2018

I believe that when we look at a reading, we are looking at an aspect of the unconscious. And when we become aware of the unconscious, the unconscious becomes aware that we are aware of it.

[YouTube] – April Video Tarot Forecast teaser

By Integrated Tarot | April 11, 2018

Here’s a teaser from April’s subscriber edition of the Video Tarot Forecast …

Pedestals and Projections: A Tale of Growing Up

By Integrated Tarot | March 31, 2018

I can remember a moment when my style of tarot reading changed significantly. Actually, it was more than that: it was the moment when I started to relate differently to what I once thought was separate from me.

[YouTube] March Video Tarot Forecast – A Taster

By Integrated Tarot | March 6, 2018

Here’s a small taster of March’s subscriber edition of the Video Tarot Forecast.

[YouTube] Video Tarot Forecast – February 2018

By Integrated Tarot | February 5, 2018

February’s Video Tarot Forecast is now free to view on YouTube. From March, you’ll be able to subscribe for all subsequent VTF’s for a nominal fee of $2 per month.

[YouTube] New Year Video Tarot Forecast – January 2018

By Integrated Tarot | January 5, 2018

Now available to everyone on YouTube, the New Year Video Tarot Forecast for the first few weeks in January, and beyond.

[YouTube] Sympathy for The Devil

By Integrated Tarot | September 28, 2017

Join me on YouTube for this week’s video: “Sympathy for The Devil.”


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