Wishing Upon a (The) Star

I am a Tarot Reader, and this is the Journey of Tarot that I've identified in myself, and which I wish for those of you who feel so called:
  1. That you are curious enough about yourself and the world to want to know more about them both.
  2. That you find an external tool - in this case, Tarot - to help you reflect on both yourself and on the world.
  3. That this tool - Tarot - helps you to move deeper into yourself - and, by extension - deeper into the world.
  4. That by moving deeper into yourself and the world, Tarot helps you to find aspects of yourself that you didn't realise existed - and, by extension, you have a renewed appreciation of life and the myriad options and opportunities it throws your way, nearly every moment of the day.
  5. That you begin to internalise this tool called Tarot, and that you start to understand that this tool is an intrinsic part of you: that there is no separation between you and Tarot - because they both reflect the same source.
  6. That the space between you and Tarot narrows to non-existence. You understand that the guidance that Tarot gives you is what was offered up to you all along - it was just that you needed the means to recognise and to hear it.
  7. That you can say good-bye to Tarot in the same way a child says good-bye to the family that raised it: you know you'll be back, but, in those increasing moments you step away, you now have to - and you can - experience life directly, and without mediation.
... And this is why marketing experts don't know what to do with me: because my aim is to lessen your dependence on Tarot. Go figure 😉
Wishing Upon a (The) Star