What of the Feminine?

Inanna’s Return by Judith Shaw. Visit Judith’s website here: http://judithshawart.com/

To deny an entirely intuitive approach to Tarot – free from books and written, recorded, reproducible fact – is to deny the yin/receptive/non-mind in favour of the yang/active/mind.

When we mistrust our intuition, we have The Magician without the High Priestess; we have The Hierophant with only a single path; we have Strength dismantled; we lose the truth of the alchemy of Temperance/Art.

The paradox is that Babalon lives (thank goodness!) in spite of the structured traditions that both celebrate her existence and yet also run counter to her chaos. Against all odds, Babalon rides the beast that both supports her, while it tries to keep her in check.

Why have we become fearful of what defies words?

Many of us – no matter what gender – have been educated out of trusting our intuition, to our detriment.

And soon enough we all find that our intuition has been silenced for too long, and a price is exacted for our inaction. We see it all around us.

Balance demands to be restored.

What of the Feminine?