I have two different products on Patreon - available separately, or together with a small discount:


One of Three of 78

$3.50 per month

A monthly recording where I explore three versions of the same tarot card from three different decks: the Waite-Smith, the Haindl, and the Röhrig tarot. This will cover anything from a specific card detail, to overarching themes across the three decks, to divinatory meanings, and differences depending on the deck used.

Reading Q&A

$3.50 per month

A monthly recorded podcast for readers of all levels (including absolute beginners), where I answer your questions about tarot, from approach to theory to technique, whether you're reading for yourself or others - anything related to the art of reading cards. This is not a definitive "how to", but rather a "how I do", and will speak to the way that I understand and work with tarot.

Tarot School Reader Q&A (3)