What Is Tarot?

As someone who has worked with Tarot and become intimately acquainted with its presence in my life both professionally and personally, my response would be this:

Tarot is anything we want it to be.

We can use Tarot to find out whether we're getting that promotion, when to move house or when to stay put, or whether that bloke up the road fancies us. If, however, that's the only reason we're using it, then we've essentially invested in a Ferrari to drive us to the bus stop.

Because the truth (to me, at least) is this:

Tarot is a high-performance vehicle for exploration. It is a device for self-reflection that is second-to-none, and it can happily rub shoulders with the kind of esteemed company that includes Astrology, the iChing, and psychotherapy.

Tarot helps us to look inside, because in looking at the cards and applying the idea of synchronicity, what we find is that what looks back at us is who we are.

Tarot is a mirror. It is a mirror that will bring up what is conscious, and it will bring up what is unconscious, which is the realm of what we do not know that we are; and so we have the opportunity to reveal what lies out of our immediate awareness.

I've found that when Tarot is approached with curiosity and commitment - and wisdom and compassion - then the rewards are immeasurable.

My invitation to those of you who find yourselves in unfamiliar territory with the Tarot is to give it a try.

See if you can find something reflected to you that means something to you. Put it on the back-burner if it doesn't make immediate sense, let it simmer a little so that the flavours come through, and come back to it in a few days.

Follow the thread of what draws you, even if it feels mysterious or you're not sure what you're on to. Take it as a reflection of an element or experience that holds something in it that you can take and use.

Most of all, ask questions. Ask yourself, and feel free to ask me.

~ Sarah