Theory — Readings

Intro to Tarot: How to read a picture

Intro to Tarot: Gearing up for a reading

Tarot — Working with a three-card reading

Tarot: my top four layouts

How to frame a question for a tarot reading

Intro to Tarot: Synchronicity and card positions

Tarot and the matter of communication

Tarot: a question of card reversals

Four ways to read a card using the quality of each suit

Working with the archetypes in tarot: What, How and Why?

Two approaches to tarot — and why it’s tricky reading for yourself

A walk through the Weekend Tarot Reading

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Theory — General

Intro to Tarot: Humanity’s relationship to symbols

Tarot: a credo-in-progress

Discovering and working with your intuition

When you’ve got it, when you haven’t, and knowing the difference

An interview with the shadow, Part I

An interview with the shadow, Part II

An interview with the shadow, Part III

Tarot — dreaming while you’re awake

Allowing a tarot card to work with us (by Emma Sunerton-Burl)

Tarot: a tribute in seven parts

Not telling it straight: a (semi) cautionary tale

Where is tarot most useful? – Part I

Where is tarot most useful? – Part II

Where is tarot most useful? – Part III

Step away from that tarot deck!

Tarot, the vertical and the astral: two kinds of truth

When tarot is not enough

What do you think? Weighing in on synchronicity and tarot

Tarot and ritual. What are your thoughts?

Tarot and the role of ethics


Theory — Deck Reviews

Tarot — what’s the deal with so many decks?

An introduction to the Voyager Tarot

Interview with M. M. Meleen, creator of the Rosetta Tarot

A view from the deck: the Röhrig-Tarot

A view from the deck: The Mary-El Tarot

Tarot deck review: The Xultun Tarot – Mayan Book of Life


Major Arcana

Visualisations on The Fool

The Magus and The Priestess: an alchemical pairing

The High Priestess and The Empress: Inner and outer worlds

Revisiting The Emperor — Three perspectives

The Consort and The Lovers — Venus in Gemini

Meeting with choice: The Lovers card

Intro to Tarot: The Lovers — A three-card comparison

Intro to Tarot: Symbolic Alchemy — A view of The Lovers and Art

The Chariot: Creation Through Opposing Forces

The Chariot: Bringing yourself into being

The maiden and the beast: Strength and Lust

The Sorcerer & The Sage — Individual towards cosmos

What goes around: Wheel of Fortune and The Hanged Man

Wielding the sword of integrity: Justice and Adjustment

Suspended revelation: The Hanged Man card

The Death Card: Working with change

Walking the path of Temperance

The Devil: Taking that walk on the wild side

Death and The Tower: Good? Bad? Or valuable?

Shining a light: The Star revisited

Contemplating The Sun

The World — A door closes; a door opens


Minor Arcana

Discovering the suits: The Wands in tarot

Discovering the suits: The Cups in tarot

Discovering the suits: The Swords in tarot

Discovering the suits: The Pentacles in tarot

The Aces: Symbols of initiation

An encounter with the Ace of Wands

From potential into action: the Twos in tarot

Two of Cups: a journey into Love

Stepping away from the mirror – the Threes in tarot

One-to-one with the Three of Disks

A pause: the Fours in tarot

Into the fray: the Fives in tarot

Moving into the flow: the Sixes in tarot

Reaching the mid-point: the Sevens in tarot

Finding your way forward: the Eights in tarot

Looking at the Eight of Cups — three perspectives

Culminating: the Nines in tarot

Endings and beginnings: the Tens in tarot

Entering the courts: the Pages in tarot

Embracing the Page of Cups

Into the world: the Knights in tarot

One-to-one with the Knight of Pentacles

Receptivity; connectivity — the Queens in tarot

The Queen of Pentacles: a mid-week tarot meditation

Authority, power, and balance: the Kings in tarot

The Court Cards — an elemental perspective

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