"In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order." ~ C G Jung

A Jungian approach to Tarot


The Tarotcast – April 13, 2017

By Integrated Tarot | April 13, 2017

It may feel like you are meeting resistance outside – that events and things are conspiring to push you down, to hold you back, to sabotage what it is that you have so lovingly nurtured. But what if that resistance were coming from inside you, and then being reflected by events and things outside you? What if you are in some key way the architect of your own experience?

The Tarotcast – April 6, 2017

By Integrated Tarot | April 6, 2017

The Princes are nothing if not fighters, and you have a cohort of them available to you. Find your voice, find your passion, find your plan. Go out and put some skin in the game. There are no guarantees about outcome, but the Princes aren’t particularly interested in outcome as much as the adventure itself.

The Tarotcast – March 29, 2017

By Integrated Tarot | March 29, 2017

This is a situation that may well feel familiar to you: the feeling of being trapped by a lack of clarity or clear direction; a sense of mental overwhelm; a distraction that has become disproportionate; a state where what was attractive is now overblown and which is taking up a lot of mind-space.

What of the Feminine?

By Integrated Tarot | March 17, 2017

Many of us – no matter what gender – have been educated out of trusting our intuition, to our detriment.

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By Integrated Tarot | March 16, 2017

Far from the common perception that Tarot is a mostly irrelevant pastime enjoyed by occultists and the romantically curious alike, I believe Tarot is a veritable heavyweight when it comes to getting to grips with the matter of who it is that we are.

The Tarotcast – March 15, 2017

By Integrated Tarot | March 15, 2017

Having needed to move within these past few weeks before going anywhere with a particular plan or seed of an idea, you are now ready to set things in motion by releasing it into the world. By doing this, you also liberate yourself in a way that is personally meaningful to you.

The Tarotcast – March 8, 2017

By Integrated Tarot | March 8, 2017

The darkness of the mystery is looking for the light of your awareness – just as you are looking for the darkness. Together, when that inner meeting takes place, they create momentum.

The Tarotcast – March 1, 2017

By Integrated Tarot | March 1, 2017

You don’t have answers? You don’t need answers. You have questions? Great. Now give yourself, and The Hermit, enough solitude to work this alchemy.

Tarotcast coming March 1

By Integrated Tarot | February 28, 2017

The cards and my unruly laptop have spoken, and I’ll be publishing the Tarotcast tomorrow rather than today – which, as synchronicity would have it, is very much on point with the message of the cards themselves.

The Tarotcast – February 21, 2017

By Integrated Tarot | February 21, 2017

Don’t discount anything; scrutinise everything. The Ace of Swords has the ability to fire up that blueprint that you were drawing up in a way that imbues it with meaning and gets the cogs turning and machinery whirring.