"In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order." ~ C G Jung

A Jungian approach to Tarot


The Tarotcast – August 16, 2017

By Integrated Tarot | August 16, 2017

Today’s reading couldn’t have chosen more apt cards: one of the most favoured in the tarot deck, and one of the least favoured. One that elicits a sigh of relief, the other a short intake of breath between the teeth. One the promise of pleasure; the other, pain. One “Success”; the other “Mourning.”

Tarotcast – Coming Weds Aug 16

By Integrated Tarot | August 15, 2017

Hello, folks!   Because I’ve been on the road for the past three days, The Tarotcast will be published tomorrow, August 16.   With love,   ~ Sarah

The Tarotcast – August 8, 2017

By Integrated Tarot | August 8, 2017

Something is reaching a zenith, and something is about to be revealed. In these lie the potential for a courageous and creative act – one that’s simple to describe, and somewhat more challenging to perform. It could be that you’re ready this time.

The Tarotcast – July 31, 2017

By Integrated Tarot | July 31, 2017

What is it about a vision becoming a possibility that also holds in it something that makes you uneasy because its arrival suggests having to contend with something that, until now, you’ve niftily avoided looking at or conversing with face-to-face?

The Tarotcast – July 24, 2017

By Integrated Tarot | July 24, 2017

The Queen of Swords in this reading is about the ability to be vulnerable – and to do that means to admit (to let in) what is irrational and overwhelming: nothing less than the ocean, which is the Queen of Cups.

The Tarotcast – July 14, 2017

By Integrated Tarot | July 14, 2017

Who do you become when you drop a pretence, stop hiding, start being yourself?

Tarotcast – Coming Friday

By Integrated Tarot | July 13, 2017

Hello! Due to a slight delay caused by sinusitis, The Tarotcast is coming tomorrow 🙂 ~ Sarah

The Tarotcast – July 6, 2017

By Integrated Tarot | July 6, 2017

Where can you seek to explore and express your own identity while being witnessed and held by the foundations you’ve already built within you and with those significant others beside you?

The Tarotcast – June 29, 2017

By Integrated Tarot | June 29, 2017

I feel the sense of sorrow of the sea mourning the land, and in this tale lies a human story of the intuition mourning and yearning for a return to the body.

The Tarotcast – June 22, 2017

By Integrated Tarot | June 22, 2017

In some key part of your life, you have been moving through an experience of limited visibility, and a journey based more on hunches and faith than fully rounded, visible facts. What you are moving towards: a moment of connection and understanding.