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Diva Carla

Owner, Cosmic Crone

Sarah brings the depth of her experience in esoteric studies, her native intuition, and her originality and creativity, which allows her to be a living conduit of the ancient Tarot art. She is dedicated to empowering her clients to receive and know what the Tarot means for themselves.


New Mexico

Thank you Sarah, it was so beautiful listening to you. You are fluent in Tarot! I'm hooked!



You have a way to translate in the most effective, sometimes entertaining, but always meaningful voice that I have ever experienced. … You have helped me with your readings in ways that I’m just beginning to understand.


Thank you for my tarot reading. It is truly affirmation of my vision for the future, and then some.



The first thing I thought when I think of your interpretations is RELATIONSHIP. I don't think anyone else ( that I know of ) is so gifted at seeing patterns and the strings and energies which talk among cards in a reading. For you the cards are not static but kinetic.



To any readers studying tarot — study Sarah. She does the thing with tarot that you can’t read in books and that’s challenging to teach — she demonstrates it. Follow her logic. Notice her emphasis on the images themselves, not “what the card means.”



I loved my reading with you last week! The back-and-forth process around my question and your interpretations of the cards that were drawn was truly amazing. I was left with a strong affirmation of my intuitions. I'm so grateful.


I loved how you taught us to not be daunted by the conventional interpretation of cards, but to look at them in the context of the story being told. Most of all the course helped me listen to my intuition.

As a teacher, Sarah, you have amazing knowledge on the subject and were able to shepherd the group which had individuals with varying degrees of ability. You provided so much information and directed us to valuable resources to aid our learning.

"In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order." ~ C G Jung

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Reaching The Mid-Point: The Sevens In Tarot

In tarot, I believe that when we meet the Sevens we meet the idea of “consciousness” more fully than we have before. We have an opportunity to see ourselves in a different light, and we are only able to do this when we step back and inquire into the nature of who we are.
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Moving Into The Flow: The Sixes in Tarot

In the Fives we hit the resistance and upheaval of rough seas. In the Sixes, just for a moment, we find ourselves in calmer waters, where we are able to regroup, take stock, and act with more clarity.
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Into The Fray: The Fives in Tarot

This is the first time that conflict has made a significant appearance in each suit. Yes, we’ve had moments of conflict, but the Fives are defined by it. When we move from the realm of non-incarnate potential (the Aces) and into the world of duality (the Twos), we have bound ourselves to the experience of contrast. Perhaps conflict is inevitable. Perhaps what we do with it is not.
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When the Teacher Becomes the Student – A Lesson in Humility

This week, I came face-to-face with another learning lesson, in a very personal way. And this time it wasn't a lesson in doubt and awe, but a lesson in humility.
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A Pause: The Fours in Tarot

In tarot, Four enables something to come into balance more easily than its predecessors. It is a moment of suspended animation — as if there is a call to gather reserves, because they will be required soon enough as we move on again into the action and increasing complexity of the Fives.
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From Potential Into Action: The Twos in Tarot

Today, we enter the world of the Twos, where potential is brought into the physical world that we inhabit.
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