A Jungian approach to Tarot


Why Relationship Readings Don’t Work – And 3 Provocative Questions That Can Turn Your (Love) Life Around

By Integrated Tarot | May 13, 2016

I’ll let you into a secret: I don’t do relationship readings. Actually, that’s not true. I do do relationship readings, but not the kind that prompt most people to come to a tarot reader.

Why Insight Is NOT Change – And How To Know The Difference

By Integrated Tarot | May 10, 2016

Important: The insight is not the change. The insight is not the change. Seeing into a situation doesn’t magically transform it. Identifying a pattern doesn’t immediately shift it. Understanding something about yourself is not the end of the process. It is the beginning.

The Tarotcast – Week of May 9, 2016

By Integrated Tarot | May 9, 2016

Phew! What have we here? Two lovers, two cups, and one large step into the adventure of the unknown. There’s magic afoot – and it’s magic of the amorous kind; a watery, feeling-drenched alchemy of the meeting of two souls, and a shift that springs from it.

Weekend Tarot Reading — Sunday, May 1, 2016

By Integrated Tarot | May 1, 2016

“The Eight of Cups helps you to know, in that heart of hearts of yours, the one true path you were seeking in the Seven. It encourages you to turn and search it out; it encourages you not to stay where you are for long. Your work here is done. The card speaks of “Failure”…

Weekend Tarot Reading — Sunday, April 24, 2016

By Integrated Tarot | April 25, 2016

“On the individual level, the Devil[‘s] … silence can suggest secret desires. These may be sexual desires, but they also may be desires for a different life, or for more passion in a life that has become dull. Often we do not know our own desires. Habit and fear and social conditioning hide them from…

Weekend Tarot Reading — Sunday, April 17, 2016

By Integrated Tarot | April 19, 2016

“The feminine isn’t some sexualised add-on — known primarily for her fertility and her Playboy-esque buxomness that emphasises tits and ass over substance. The feminine is not simply some statue to add to our altars, without embracing her wholly in our hearts. She isn’t some frippery that frills out what it means to be driven…

Intuition: What It Isn’t, What It Is, And Why You Already Have It

By Integrated Tarot | April 15, 2016

We place so much emphasis on thought and speech that we tend to elevate intuition to something that is beyond-ordinary, extra-sensory. I was the same, and I wanted to believe that intuition was a gift that some of us were born with – divinely given, if you will.

7 Tarot Must-Knows To Take You From Muggle To Magician

By Integrated Tarot | February 24, 2016

If you feel like you’re a Magician trapped in a muggle’s body and you’re hearing the whisper of tarot on the breeze, the seven points below will start laying your tarot foundations.

If You Don’t Think Tarot Works, Why Does It Scare You?

By Integrated Tarot | November 16, 2015

Tarot uses imagery to tap into the not-so-easily-tappable. It mainlines into that part of you that has a more familiar relationship with the unconscious, while you prefer to live in a world that makes meaning.

Tarot, Intuition, and Assuming Authority

By Integrated Tarot | November 7, 2015

I was speaking to a friend last night, and we were discussing how it’s not as easy as it was to see what’s lying ahead. An organising principle that we’ve been used to working for us seems to have stolen away in the night.