A Reading Published Every New Moon

This Month's Reading - December 4 2021

The New Moon Tarot Reading is a monthly reading published at - you guessed it! - each New Moon.

Free to everyone (and it will always be free), it charts the inner and outer psychic weather: what is going in the world at large; what is going on in your own world; how these two merge to create your experience - and what you can do to make the most of it.

It is designed to equip you with a key piece of information that is there to assist you in navigating life's ocean a little more effectively.

  • Think of it as the tarot equivalent of the grease for your ship's wheel.
  • The tap-tap! that resets your barometer.
  • The Sex Wax on your surfboard.

It doesn't do the sailing or surfing for you ... but it's designed to hone your instrumentation, so that you can start to tune into the phenomenal directional forces of both your wits and your inner wisdom.

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