Do you feel you have a purpose beyond goals and intentions that you set for yourself every day – day in, day out – but which leave you feeling disconnected?

Ever wondered if there was something more to you & more to life past the bullshit?

Ever thought about having just a taste of what might be possible if you stopped playing by the rules and followed what Joseph Campbell referred to as your BLISS?

You don’t have a clue what I’m on about? Then this course is probably not for you.

“Living the Archetypes” is very much for you, however, if you:

  • Crackle with a desire to know more about who you are, what makes you tick, how you think, why you act the way you do, what turns you on (and off, for that matter).
  • Find yourself asking the question, “Surely there’s more to life than just this?” and has been waiting patiently – perhaps for a long time – for an answer. (Quick answer: Yes, there is. Read on.)
  • Are drawn to explore the hidden seams of awareness inside you, sniffing out those dragons, discovering the gold that shines at your heart.
  • Yearn for a taste of what it is to look into a mirror that reflects you and your life back to you, and what it can tell you about both.
  • Know that the sole responsibility for your growth, your wellbeing, and your purpose lies with YOU – and it’s time to take action.

I’ve worked with Sarah a number of times, including a weekend long residential focusing on ”the shadow” – particularly in relation to sexuality. She’s sharp, professional, fun & enjoyable to work with too! I highly recommend her to you if you’re interested in digging around in your own life & psyche, especially in the aspects of self that you may not be aware of or able to see. ~ Beth Wallace, Sexuality & Relationship Counsellor

What It's About:

“Living the Archetypes” is a course offering a two-week experience of what’s really going on with you, your world, and the place where both of you meet, using the Tarot.

Course format and structure:

  • It’s totally online – no calls or meetings to attend; no ungodly late nights or early mornings.
  • It has a schedule of daily commitments, assignments, and exercises.
  • It comes with its own secret Facebook page where you can share your experiences with your peers, and where I will challenge you to reflect, to ask questions, to see other points of view.

(You get the low-down on all the details when you enrol.)

No prior knowledge or experience of Tarot is necessary – at all. You don’t need to know a single scrap of anything about Tarot.

What you might need, however, is an open mind about what Tarot isespecially if you have a sinking feeling that Tarot is a cotton-candy-pastime with no inherent value other than to provide some light entertainment.

In fact, if that’s you in a nutshell, then I invite – nay, challenge – you to sign up and test your theory out for yourself.

What You'll Need:

You’ll need a Tarot deck.

If you don’t have one, you can choose one that feels right for you, or, if you’re not sure, I recommend the Rider-Waite Smith tarot, which you can purchase at your local esoteric/crystal shop, or online at most major book retailers.

You’ll need access to Facebook.

If you have a Facebook account, then you’ll be added after you register. If you don’t have a Facebook account, you have plenty of time to sign up for one.


You’ll also need to wear your Invisible Hat of Interminable Curiosity – your trusty companion to keep you aware, asking questions, and looking for clues.

And that’s about it.

What It Will Cost:

I’m offering single and two-payment options (the first on registration, the second three weeks later) ~

  • Course only, full payment: $78
  • Course only, 2 x payments: $39
  • Course and an hour’s 1:1 Archetype Reading after the course, full payment: $158
  • Course and an hour’s 1:1 Archetype Reading after the course, 2 x payments: $79

A Word To The Wise:

Although this is just a small dive into the kind of inner work to which Tarot is ideally suited (think the 2-metre diving board as opposed to that 10-metre leviathan you see at the Olympics), “Living the Archetypes” is not for everyone.

It’s not for you if you’re wanting easy answers that help you avoid doing the legwork of becoming your own advocate and detective.

It’s not for you if you’d prefer to keep things as they are: Tarot has a habit of ignoring our desires to stay safe and small.

It may be a short soupçon-of-a-course, and we won’t be going as deep as I do with my longer immersions (coming up), but it will still ask you to put on your grown-up pants and step up. Sometimes you’ll hit a home-run; sometimes you’ll get a curve ball. But you’ve got skin in the game, and that’s what counts: being present and accountable.

Still with me? Good.

What You Take Away With You:

  • INSIGHT – which is the essential ingredient in all quests where you are seeking change.
  • The ability to self-reflect – a gift that helps you to see those nuggets of truth and realisation that often pass you by, invisible and unnoticed in today’s outward-looking world. And so you start to become an adept at listening to your intuition.
  • And when you have that, you shift from being passenger, and learn to become the driver in your life. Your choices are more informed, you are accountable, you start to say, “Hold on – I’ve got this.”
  • Increased knowledge and experience of Tarot – and how to apply it both practically and productively.
  • Increased knowledge and experience of YOU – and when you have that, you have a powerful, powerful instrument for change in your life. Watch out, world 😉
  • Access to one of the greatest tools for transformation ever*, and enough knowledge to continue working with it after the course is over.

*According to Yours Truly, and it’s a conviction whose corner I’ll fight every time.

What Others Have Said About Working With Me:

[The training] really taught me to observe, to see, to note and to look beneath the surface of what the first impression might be. It taught me to see what was unsaid. I loved how you taught us to not be daunted by the conventional interpretation of cards, but to look at them in the context of the story being told. Most of all the course helped me listen to my intuition. ~ Farah

I don’t think anyone else ( that I know of ) is so gifted at seeing patterns and the strings and energies which talk among cards in a reading.  For you the cards are not static but kinetic … . Your work with the human psyche and sexuality gives you such a great depth of vision.  You are able to see the worms that writhe beneath the surface. There are lots of books on the history and mythology out there but no one else seems to have that unique ability listen ( to the cards ) quite as well as you.  ~ Tracy

Thank you so much! Your gift is real, and connecting with you has been a blessing in my life. ~ Birsu

I just wanted to say Thank you for your unique, brilliant, kind, truthful, insightful, loving guidance, mentorship, You have helped me … to see more clearly and excavate the illusion/delusion to get to the truth. you have such a unique gift, and sight. ~ Victoria

How To Sign Up:

“Living the Archetypes” is now closed for registration. If you want to be notified of any upcoming courses, sign up to my weekly newsletter – you’ll find a Newsletter sign-up form at the bottom of this page. Bonus: you get my weekly Tarotcast tarot reading too.

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