I offer online counselling for a small number of clients, which is separate from my tarot work.

Why choose counselling?

People choose counselling for many different reasons, but some of the more common ones are:

  • You need help in making sense of your circumstances.
  • You feel stuck in repeating patterns of behaviour or experiences that you feel unable to break out of.
  • You are trying to come to terms with loss or grief in its many forms.
  • You have ongoing problems with forming or maintaining healthy relationships - in your family of birth, or in your interpersonal and/or work relationships.
  • You are facing a crisis and you're unsure about what to do next.
  • You are looking to find a more authentic way of relating to yourself and others.

How does it work?

My approach is based on the principles of psychodynamic psychotherapy - in other words, your current circumstances are intimately connected with your past, and are worked through in the alliance that we create together. What I offer: non-judgement, insight, and a time that is safely and solely yours in which you can simply bring who it is that you are that day into the conversation.

Note: I do not work with tarot in counselling sessions.

How often?

This is regular, ongoing work that asks for a time commitment of 50 minutes every week or two weeks, on the same day at the same time. Once you reserve that slot, it will be yours for the duration of our work together.

What does it cost?

The cost is $50 per session for US clients, £40 per session for UK clients, and €45 per session for clients in the EU. (Any other currencies are by arrangement.) Fees are payable in advance, via bank transfer or PayPal, and if for any reason you're unable to attend your session, they will be non-refundable, but will count towards your next session.

Where does it take place?

On Skype or Zoom.

How to book?

Contact me here and we can set up an exploratory session to see if we're a good working fit:

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