Tarot: Dreaming While You're Awake

As with dreams, tarot prefers to communicate using symbol and metaphor. Often, it is a language that on the surface appears nonsensical, but which we find we can understand once we become willing and able translators. Elements that would make strange dance partners in our everyday life move together with harmony and fluidity; and we take it all in. There is a part of us that is adept at moving in the same rhythm, and it is this part that takes over when we work with tarot.

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“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” ~ Joseph Campbell.   The entrance to the Hell Fire Caves in West Wycombe, Bucks. Consider this a quasi-Part-II to the “No Guru, No Method, No Teacher” post I did earlier this month about forging one’s own path. Up until a year ago, I…

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