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New to Integrated Tarot? Read on!

Far from the common perception that Tarot is a mostly irrelevant pastime enjoyed by occultists and the romantically curious alike, I believe Tarot is a veritable heavyweight when it comes to getting to grips with the matter of who it is that we are.

The Tarotcast – May 25, 2017

When The High Priestess and The Hanged Man come together like this, the lines between what is conscious and unconscious get a little more blurred. You may feel there are forces at play that go beyond your usual tête-à-têtes with the unseen and with your intuition. Instead of being at

The Tarotcast – May 11, 2017

It’s a fine line – that line between bypassing yourself out of where you are on the hope of the Nine of Cups, and knowing in the very bones of you that you are not limited by your past nor your circumstances; that there is the possibility of something new;

The Tarotcast – May 4, 2017

The Fool sparks a process of desire that burns inside you as a fire of self-love and radiates outwards into your world. You can share this with others; you can keep it for yourself. There is no ruling about how you are with this. But you become *aglow*.

Welcome to the world of Arkartia

Oh, I'm excited about this! Tarot pioneers Marcus Katz and Tali Goodwin have been working behind the scenes on a project for six years, and yesterday, they finally unveiled their vision - for a land called Arkartia.

The Tarotcast – April 27, 2017

Here you are, expressing The Magus - doing something, wanting to achieve something, bringing something together. Elements and qualities are being apportioned and applied. Now for the key ingredient; now to call her in. The Queen of Wands.

The Tarotcast – April 21, 2017

Can you step away from the state of the Three of Swords, and, in so doing, step on to the other side of that particular, now-obsolete, behemoth of an obstruction, and know that you're no longer looking for the source of the light at the other side: you ARE the

Finding “The One”

When close to 90% of the Tarot readings I do are about love- and intimacy-based relationships and the burning desire for them, then it's worth watching Esther Perel dispensing the kind of wisdom that's both practical and compassionate.

The Tarotcast – April 13, 2017

It may feel like you are meeting resistance outside - that events and things are conspiring to push you down, to hold you back, to sabotage what it is that you have so lovingly nurtured. But what if that resistance were coming from inside you, and then being reflected by

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